Call For Abstracts


The 2017 international symposium will be held in Oklahoma City, USA.  In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to accurately evaluate formations, not only to identify reserves but to drill and complete wells safely and efficiently.

The SPWLA Board of Directors invites you to join us in Oklahoma City, USA, June 17-21, 2017 to showcase your recent innovations and discoveries at the 58
th Annual Symposium. We solicit papers on all aspects of petrophysics and formation evaluation.

Midcontinent Formation Evaluation;
Permian, Anadarko, Arkhoma, Ft Worth, Palo Duro, Kansas and Forest City Basin studies.

Completion Petrophysics;
Hydraulic fracture modeling, new tech relating to measurement of rock mechanics, completion optimization, case studies in spacing studies.

Formation Evaluation of Conventional Reservoirs;
New technologies and case histories in shaly sands, carbonates, and low-resistivity pay.

Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs;
New technologies and case histories in organic-rich mudstones, tight gas/oil, and coal bed methane.

New Borehole Logging Technology;
Resistivity, nuclear, sonic, magnetic resonance, pressure/sampling, mud logging, imaging tool design and advancements in acquisition, processing, and data interpretation.

High Angle/Horizontal Well Evaluation and/or Advanced Mud Logging and Real-Time Decision Making;
Case histories, well placement, safety in over-pressured zones, drilling and completion optimization, wellbore stability and other well safety issues, and related new technology.

Reservoir and Production Surveillance;
Production logging, cement integrity, EOR, formation evaluation, and new technologies.

Complex Reservoirs and New Play Types;
Application of new and existing petrophysical techniques to solve challenges, keys to better understand the reservoirs in order to optimize development decisions in both short and long term.


We welcome submissions of all types, such as case studies, new interpretation techniques, novel tools, and reviews of industry practices.

Abstracts must be submitted no later than EXTENDED Sunday, 6 November, 2016. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS CLOSED. The information contained in your abstract is the basis for the acceptance of your paper into the technical program. Your abstract should contain 200-500 words. Do not feel obligated to use the full-allotted length. Relevance, novelty and clarity are what our members look for at our symposia. In order to promote the science of petrophysics and formation evaluation, overt commercialism should be avoided in the abstracts.

Notification of acceptance of either oral or poster papers will be made in
December 2016. If accepted, your abstract will be published in the April 2017 issue of Petrophysics. The paper will be scheduled for presentation at the Oklahoma City Symposium, and a complete manuscript from both oral and poster will be required for the Symposium transactions by 7 May, 2017. Before submitting you must agree to meet all deadlines. For questions, please contact Stephanie Turner at SPWLA, (+1) 713-947-8727 or email

NOTE TO AUTHORS: Complete a separate online form for each abstract submitted. For multiple authors, the submission should come only from the designated corresponding author.


We look forward to reading your abstracts!

Jennifer Market
Vice-President Technology 2016-2017