Instructions for authors:

Manuscript preparation instructions:

  • Manuscripts are required for the SPWLA Annual Symposium; no poster presentations at the conference will be allowed without a manuscript submitted by the deadline.
  • Instructions for manuscript preparation and Presentation PowerPoint are available to download below.
  • The medium for the transactions volume will be in the form of a USB/Flash drive/Thumb drive. However, this is still an official publication of the SPWLA, and all papers must adhere to the instructions to authors especially in regards to number of pages, page layout, type size and font. SPWLA reserves the right to reject papers that do not conform to the guidelines.
  • You should make every effort to avoid commercialism in your paper. The objective should be to inform the audience rather than to promote a specific service.  The SPWLA reserves the right to reject papers with overt commercialism.
  •  The deadline for receipt of your final manuscript will be announced. Papers not received by the deadline will be deleted from the program. Papers cannot be withdrawn after the deadline.
Manuscript Instructions Double Column 2017
(Microsoft Word Document)
In addition to the paper/manuscript a Copyright Agreement is required. Click on form below and email signed copy to
SPWLA Copyright Agreement 2017
(Microsoft Word Document)

Presentation/E-Poster Instructions:

  • E-Posters will be presented in electronic format. NO PAPER POSTER PRESENTATIONS ARE REQUIRED/ PERMITTED.  The format is a slideshow.
  • The author has 50 minutes total time to present the e-poster in the assigned session  and engage in discussions with the audience.  ( Sample: Present E-Poster 2 times with 15 minutes presenting and 5 minutes Q&A)
  • All poster presentations will be loaded on every display screen and can be viewed at any time that formal poster presentations are not ongoing.
  • Presentations must use the E-Poster PowerPoint template download below.
  • Please avoid commercialization in the presentation.  The company name and affiliation (with a logo) may be included in the first slide, but not on subsequent slides.  The SPWLA reserves the right to reject presentations with overt commercialization.
  • Failure to submit the presentation by this deadline will result in removal from the program.
  • Revisions to the presentations will NOT be allowed onsite (this is due to the logistics of compiling and loading the electronic poster boards).
E-Poster Instructions
(Microsoft Word Document)